Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 step Band Aid recovery program?

My children appear to be addicted. It's gotten really bad. There's contraband all over the bathroom. What's a mom to do? They don't make recovery programs for 9 year olds. Sad. It's ok though you don't have to feel to sorry for me. I'll survive and he will too. Although he won't survive without the band aids.

They appear to fix so many problems. Feeling sad? get a band aid. Got a tiny cut no one can see? get a band aid. Missing your friends? We got a band aid for that. I run to the store not because we forgot the milk. But the month long supply of band aids is out and it's only been 5 days. Help! It's a band aid emergency.

Band Aid Carnage
(ok smartypants, yes I couldn't get the original pic off my camera and had to recreate the carnage)

That is all. I feel better now confessing my not so secret addiction. Wait, that's my sons addiction, not mine. I swear I'm not addicted to band aids. Although I do happen to have one on my toe right now. What? I was at a 3 day blogging conference and they walked my toes into a blistered mess. Darn new shoes and too much walking! Snap, I just got a couch burn. Gotta go get the band aids. BRB.