Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inexpensive things to do with your dog

Our dogs are our family members aren't they? Here's 5 inexpensive things you can do with your best friend.

1. Go on long walks. Me and my pup love to walk to get some exercise in. He loves it and it forces me to exercise. It's a win/win.

2. Play with them. Our dogs love it when we spend time with them. It's so easy to grab one of their favorite toys and simply get in the floor and play! Makes us younger which is a great side benefit.

3. Take them on doggy play dates. Get your friends together and let the dogs play in the back yard. They love friends of their own.

4. Take them to the dog park. I have one in my town and have never been there! I have to take him I know he would love it.

5. Go for a drive. I take my pup on all my errands. It gets him out of the house and we get to spend time together.

What do you like to do with your dog? My dogs definitely keep me young and keep me company!