Thursday, March 8, 2012

John Carter movie review

On Tuesday night my dh and I went on a date. We went to the screening of John Carter the new movie by Disney. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote this in 1912. When you watch the movie you will be amazed that it was written so long ago. It is timeless and original. As I watched the movie I thought of all the similarities to Star Wars. The one who penned Star Wars read this book (series) there is no doubt.

Would I take my children to see this PG 13 movie. Yes, I would. The only reason I can think of it being PG 13 is some violence. There was a kissing scene and a skimpy, yet covering, outfit and that's about all I can think of that was in this movie and objectionable. As a mom I thought the plot was well done and the story believable. I did not do my usual, how much time has passed before I get to leave, look at my phone. It kept my attention the entire time. That's saying something.

Take your family. You won't regret it. Thank you Disney for an enjoyable night out with my dh. Here's some other John Carter info.

With JOHN CARTER opening in theatres everywhere this Friday, I wanted to send out a new clip featuring my favorite character from the film – Woola!

Woola is an enormous creature who is very loyal and very sweet and looks like a cross between a dog and a dinosaur that can move very fast!

JOHN CARTER is directed by 2-time Academy Award winner Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo” & “Wall-E”) and is based on the novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs which were the inspiration for such classic sci-fi adventure movies like “Star Wars” and “Avatar.”





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JOHN CARTER arrives in theatres everywhere on Friday, March 9th!

Take your family and go see it!