Friday, March 9, 2012


This guest post from Werner Rogers

I was flipping through channels on direct tv last night and came across something on the history channel that caught my attention. I never like to watch war documentaries or even documentaries about governments or political rise. They were having a special on the state of German affairs before World War II. I was surprised how much propaganda was created and saved during the war. The rise of the dark German empire is definitely scary and the videos of people marching under Hitler chilling. It is good that we do have video accounts of things that occurred in history though they may be chilling and gruesome. If we can preserve, learn, and understand history, hopefully we will be able to prevent some of the terrible mistakes and atrocities from ever happening again. If I were a history teacher, I think that I would be showing some of these documentaries to my history classes. They are all really well put together, contain lots of information, and also have video to associate what you learn with it. I still remember things I learned from the History Channel as a kid.

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