Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sick of Sneezing? SinuSense can help.

You can tell we've had a very mild winter. My poor hubby has been blowing his nose nonstop for the last three weeks. He's used the neti pot to try to help his sinuses and lots of tissues. It does help some. The first time he used the SinuSense he was blown away by how much it helped his breathing and it lessened how much he had to blow his nose. He loved that he didn't feel like he was drowning and that he can stand up instead of leaning over like with the netipot. Drowning is how you sometimes can feel when you use the pots to pour water in your nose.

When your sinuses are blocked it's hard to get the water to run through. Not with the SinuCleanse. It pushes the water into your sinuses and pulsates it. After my dh was finished using it the second day he felt like he had a much needed massage on his sinuses. I really can't tell you how nice it is to have my normal hubby back. Thank you SinuSense for cleaning him out and helping him breathe better. Just a little saline and his SinuSense is all he needs now.

We have done many things to help alleviate his sinuses. I love to line dry my clothes and now is not the time because of his allergies. I've had to close the windows too. I love having my windows open and it's been hot enough this year. Do you have other tips for lessening allergies during the spring?

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I hope this helps someone out there like my husband who needed to feel like a human again and with his allergies that wasn't likely. Thankfully now he's back and normal, well as normal as he can be!

I was given a SinuSense for use and was compensated for this post. However, all views and feedback are 100% honest and my own.