Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sour lemons do they make you pucker or smile?

I have to say I love being home with my children. Most of the time...there are those days and yeah I have them when I pray for vacation! This week my kids asked for a game. We normally don't get them what they ask for but this time my dh did. My sweet kids then asked if they could have a lemonade stand so they could pay daddy back. How sweet is that?

There's just nothing like hearing your child come tearing into the house screaming because they had their first customer. Who way overpaid by the way. Isn't that what customers do for kids with lemonade stands? Kids sell it for a quarter and the kindly adults buy it for $1. :) Love my kids and watching them become young entrepreneurs who also happen to have a sense of responsibility by trying to pay daddy back. So proud of my babies!

We must have hit the neighborhood at the right time. They made almost $20! We set up our lemonade stand at 3ish and closed it at 6. People on their way home from work love lemonade. Aren't neighbors great!