Friday, March 2, 2012

#Blissdom and balance

I went to a blogging conference this weekend. What I learned was that I am tired. I am tired of working all day on my blog to the exclusion of my children. I'm tired of focusing on the wrong priorities in my life. So I have a new resolve. It's going well today too.

My new resolve is this. I will not blog, fix code, or do anything to my blog after my kids get home. Unless they're in bed. :) I can get all my blogging done while the kids are in school and then I am there for them. I want to be present in my life and I'm not present if I'm focused on the black box (puter).

I will work out and have breakfast in the morning before I get on the computer. Day one so far is a success. Yay me! At the conference someone said why am I paying someone to watch my kids while I do the grunt work (grocery store, cleaning, errands). I want to pay someone to do my errands so I can be with my kids. That's what I want. OK, I didn't say it would actually happen because who has the money for that! But, it's a goal.

Let's continue this success and then next month maybe I can conquer my diet! Let's do this day 2.

I would just like to thank Autism United for the nice dinner and night out at the Opry during the conference. It was quite a star filled fun night.