Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dragonfly and 2-ce: 2 new drugs teens are doing (PARENTS MUST READ)

Are two new drugs that are popping up everywhere. These drugs have killed young people and killed them quickly. It's the new replacement for bath salts. These designer drugs are not going to yell at you...I'm here and on drugs. You can't tell. There is no test for it. You have to watch for signs and sometimes the signs are so very subtle. It is a sneaky drug.

The drug dealers are not the shadowy figure on the corner. They are packages that come in the mail. These teens go online and order these drugs right off the internet. It takes them about 5 minutes to find it and place their order. Check your teens computer and watch your debit and credit cards. Your statement might be your first clue. Be your own detective and if any packages are delivered in their name look at the package and find out what is in it. Don't let these deadly drugs into your home if possible. Be the authority figure your child needs. Let them know it's ok to talk to you about anything. Ask them, I have no judgement, but have you tried drugs? Get the conversation going and keep all lines of communication open with your child. Make sure they stay safe and make sure you know what they are doing.

To sum up: check their internet history, be suspicious of unknown packages delivered to your home and watch your or their debit and credit statements. It's our kids lives at stake.

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  1. My teen and tween don't have cell phones but most of there friends do. Kids can get online with cell phones so I hope parents keep an eye on there online activities through there phones. It's our job to do anything we can to keep our children safe. If my kids had there own phone I would be so stressed out because of everything they have access to on one. It's bad enough they have access to computers. This post right here is just another reason for my kids not to have a cell phone. There's so much they can do with a computer and it can all be done on a cell phone too. I hope parents are staying active in checking there kids cell phones often for this kind of activity. Thanks for posting this it's definitely something to watch out for.


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