Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dry skin Oily Hair...WTH?

Pic of Said Hair and Ballerina
And my face minus the rosacea 

So, I've noticed that I have sensitive skin. I can't be out in the wind without my face turning red. I can't be out in the sun without the same thing happening. Once learned I now know that I can not stick my face in the hot water (something I loved to do and did often in the shower) as that in turn leads to terrible rosacia. Sometimes I get eczema in winter in different spots. I'm used to it. This is all fairly new to me. Something I'm going through as I get older. But I'm slowly figuring these things out.

My dilemma is that I know because of my face that I shouldn't shower every day. Every other day was going to be my goal. I can't make it through the 2nd day as my hair turns into a grease pit. I stopped using conditioner at least a year ago. My thinking was the conditioner was the cause of this. It's not getting better. Once every 8 weeks or so I end up coloring my hair. I wait til I can't stand it any longer and the silver...(no longer is it gray) is getting way to crazy. So, what is going on? My hair is dry? and my shampoo is stripping it of what oils it has left and causing it to overproduce? These are all my best guesses. Another guess is maybe I should look for a baby shampoo. Something without the harsh strippers? (that sounds bad?) What is the answer to cleaning my kind of hair? I'm looking for answers here people. Anyone out there know and can help a girl out?

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