Monday, November 21, 2011

How to cut your snoring in half! You know snoring leads to lack of sleep

No, really it does. I swear. My husband is the worst. It sounds like someone is choking a rat on steriods...not that I know what that sounds like!!! We did some research to find out how we could get the harmony to quiet. He was snoring so much that he wasn't sleeping and was waking up tired every day. I was never sleeping in the bed with him. Unless, I wanted to not sleep. I chose the couch as I could hear his soulful tunes from there. I wanted to give everyone a list of what has worked so far for us!

  •  The first thing they tell you to do is to lose weight. We all know that. He has lost about 8 lbs so far. Yay, him.
  • Cut back on the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol? Yes, I said alcohol. It causes your jaw muscles to relax and fall back into your windpipe. 
  • Use a breath right strip. 
  • Do the sinurinse (neti pot) and do it nightly. 

These are the first things we did and they all worked! The first night he we both slept all night.

Here's a few other cool tips we found but haven't tried yet.
  •  Sleep with a pocket tshirt on backwards and put a tennis ball in that pocket. The thinking here is that you will feel that ball if you roll over and get back on your side.
  • If you're smoking...stop!
  • Do not eat fatty, sugary food before bed.
  • Do not eat dairy or drink milk before bed as dairy is very prone to causing us to produce more mucus and that's not what you need right before bed.
  • Sleep with your head elevated (higher than one pillow).
  • Get on a routine of sleeping and getting up at the same time. Yes, that means setting your alarm on the weekends.
Let me know if you have any success. This is what worked for us. We were preparing for a sleep study but he just had to cut back on alcohol, wear a breathe right strip and use his neti pot and we are sleeping soundlessly! AAAHHHHH. 

What worked for you? Sweet Dreams.

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