Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Want to Sell Online? No Idea How to Begin?

I had an online store for almost 5 years and I loved it (wish it would have made more money but I digress). I had a shopping cart that was powered by Intuit and it was awesome. I never had any problems getting my money deposited into my account or refunding it back to customers. Their cart was seamless. It worked so well.

Intuit has now made it easier to get your website up and going. They offer an ecommerce solution for all levels of skill, even beginners. What do they offer? They have an easy setup. Their sites look so professional. They are a known trusted provider for carts, sites and money management. If you are thinking of creating a website and selling online this is the way to go! So simple.

Create a plan for your business first. Decide what your name is by purchasing your domain name (like mine is My Un-Entitled Life). Go to Intuit's website and begin to create your site and pages. Put good quality content on each and every page and include keywords and important information. Add your products and get ready to ship! What could be simpler? I wish I had known about them when I built my first site. Having a webstore is a lot of fun. Enjoy your business venture.

I am participating in a blog campaign for Bucks2Blog for an ecommerce
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  1. I haven't checked into Intuit yet, I should! Thanks for the info!

  2. You're welcome I used them for 5 years without a problem.


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