Monday, November 7, 2011

How do I budget if I don't have a regular income?

In my opinion it's almost as easy to budget with an irregular income as it is with a consistent income. The only thing you do is list your bills from most important to least. Your four walls are always the most important bills. Housing, food, electric, water, gas for your cars are considered your four walls. Then you list everything else. insurance, cable, haircuts, internet, phone, cell, etc are down the list. Then you put your total income brought in and just begin subtracting out the most important bills first. When you run out of money you simply have to make contact with the other companies to let them know they will be paid later or make a payment plan with them.

 I have had to budget this way my entire marriage. We've never had a set income. Once you get used to it, it really is no big deal. It's better to budget and know where your money goes than it is to look in the rear view mirror and wonder where your money went (like our government)! That's my budgeting tip for the day! Do you budget? How do you budget? What other things are you able to include in your budget?


  1. Dina; this is a great TIP!

    we didn't use to Budget; but found we were always going "where did our money go?" and we still had bills to pay.

    After my husband got deployed and I took over the bills I soon came to the same conclusion; and I made a list of all the bills each month; and did the same; went down the list of importance. Some months due to less hours at work; some bills had to be put off until the next month; but over all we still had a roof over our heads, electricity and food. Sometimes we had to go without a "date dinner" but we made it work with a fun IN House dinner and a movie we already owned.

    This article is definitely STumble worth!

    JadeLouise Designs

  2. aww thanks! It took me forever to figure out how to do a budget. It would be nice to have lots of money left over every month. One day...I will know what that is like. lol

  3. Great budget post Dina!
    Thought I'd come over and give back some blogging love. :D


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