Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Turkey's Tail

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I'd give you a short story. Ready? Here we go.

A Turkey's Tail

Once upon a time a small, brown, wild turkey was trying to cross the road. He looked both ways and was ever so careful. Slowly, stealthily he took one small step using his webbed claws and stepped out into the street. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An oversized red beer truck speeds by blowing his feathers up. He furiously and most embarrassedly tries to lay his feathers back down so that no one sees his package. That's right I said it. He had a present under his feathers. Who for? We're not sure. He continues on his quest to cross the road. never knowing the danger that lurks is actually on this side of the road. For that is where my husband sits in a tree blind waiting patiently on his prey. Our thanksgiving meal. Poor turkey. Happy family! Sad story.

What do you mean is that it? Of course. That's how thanksgiving begins at our house. My hubby is a hunter and he loves to provide for his family. What better way! This turkey has lived a nice life out in the wild. There's no antibiotics or hormones present in him that wasn't there naturally. It's the original organic grass fed meat. That's the beginning of our tradition.

The next tradition involves me getting up before the rest of the family to get the turkey cooking for us so that it's done by 11 am. My husband will allow no one to make the turkey. I have made it so long he thinks I've perfected turkey. It's so easy to cook that I don't mind making it every year. My family with a couple of older folks in it loves to eat early. I always make homemade stuffing (my favorite!). My mom makes green beans and a dessert and dad brings yeast rolls and two liters. I usually make some kind of pie. This year I have my eye on a chocolate pumpkin pie that looks really yummy. I am even eyeing my pumpkins from Halloween. I need to go out and get them, roast them up and use the inside as the pie filling. From what I hear I may never want another kind of pumpkin pie if I do that.

The kids play all day waiting and hanging around the kitchen non stop. They know good stuff is happening there. To them the waiting seems eternal. It's really not very long. I hope my children and family always treasures Thanksgiving. It really is one of my most favorite holidays. No presents are exchanged. It's just about family wanting to get together and be with each other. What better holiday is there? Happy Thanksgiving my friends. I'm thankful for each and every one of you. I'm so thankful for my children, husband,  parents and sisters. We are so blessed with family. Even though it seems my side of the family is dwindling we never forget those that have already left us. We miss them always. Happy Thanksgiving and cherish your family today.

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