Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Real Moms Love To Eat

This book arrived as an early release for me to review. It is an amazing way to look at how women in our country are constantly depriving themselves of what they really want to eat. When we deprive ourselves it often makes us overeat when we finally give in to that craving. Why not have built in cheats? This is a weight loss adventure with a built in cookbook. My favorite kind of book as I'm always trying to lose 10 pounds!

This book is full of great tips. Such as:

Did you know that the woman who eats chocolate lives on average one year longer than the one that doesn't!

Make a list of 10 foods you do not like. Then do not eat them again!

Would you talk to your kids or feed your kids the way you feed and talk to yourself? NO!

Listen to your body. One day I wanted a hot fudge cake. It was lunch time and I was out with my mom. You know what I ate a hot fudge cake. Why not? This is my example of listening to my body!

If you're going to eat salt, fat, and sugar. Then make it the right kind. Real flavored salts, olive oil and raw sugar or stevia!

Smart eating can tame your cravings! Awesome!

She even goes on to talk about how to organize your kitchen and get the toxins out of it while you do it.

I love how the book is divided into sections. A main section is on the 10 weeks eating plan that will allow us to lose the weight and keep it off. Some sections are on: adding foods/beverages to your diet, how to organize your kitchen, how to eat sustainably and why and the last section is your recipes. She gives you lots of information that is timeless and necessary in us knowing how to make wise decisions when choosing our food. I would recommend this as a great tool for either losing some weight or for someone to learn a great way to begin to eat healthier. It's got it all. After all, Real Moms really do Love To Eat! Thank you Beth for an awesome resource for us Moms!

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  1. Love the title of this book, I know I love to eat and any diet I do has to have some cheating allowed :)

    I'm stopping by from, thank you for linking up in the Monday Monkey Hop! Hope to see you next week as well :)


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