Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ever get the feeling the guys in the little white coat

are coming to take you away? Some days I wonder! If they were going to take me be their nurse, of course, then I'd have to purchase new scrubs. I could get them here: I love that this site has kids and baby scrubs.  So, the people with the white coats could have little children nurses in scrubs sets!  You could think of them next halloween and let your children be a baby nurse in a cute scrub set and an older sibling as a nurse in their scrub set. They could then be like mom and dad! The kids would love that! Blue Sky Scrubs also offers jackets, shirts, earrings and lanyards, too.

The scrub sets at Blue Sky Scrubs are in a variety of styles and colors. I saw some that even looked similar blue jeans. The scrub hats are my personal favorite. You can really show your style by wearing a funky scrub hat with your plain hot pink scrubs. Their lab coats are wrinkle proof, teflon protected 100% cotton. So you know the value you are getting for these scrubs are excellent. Add those earrings and really show your style. Or add a funky scrub hat like the one called Grand Bahama pixie print hat. Here's the swatch:

Grand Bahama Pixie Scrub Hat How cool would you be in this scrub hat? I love it!

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