Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful Post

All month long people have been doing these thankful posts. Which I love to read everything we are all thankful for. I am going to do mine all at one time. :) Here's the 30 things I'm thankful for.

1. my husband
2. my kids
3. my parents and his parents
4. my dogs who bring me such joy.
5. my legs that get me everywhere I need to go for all that shopping I have to do
6. my hands that make and prepare so many meals for my family
7. my home that brings us all rest
8. my husbands job that provides all we need
9. my kids school and that they all 3 love to go
10. exercise and the release and peace it always brings
11. my van that gets us all where we need to go
12. books for me to read
13. writing...another release!
14. my health
15. my family's health
16. laundry (means we have clothes and a family to wear them)
17. nice warm weather (ok somewhat rainy but lovely most of the time)
18. diet pepsi/coke
19. a home in Florida...even if it is a lot of work!
20. a blog that is making part time money for me
21. being able to almost always work at home for the last 15 years
22. music and the peace it can bring me
23. readers who help me by giving me feedback and help
24. a new blog started (clearly I needed more to do!) :)
25. cable (we went without for 8months and it was fine but i am loving having it again!)
26. healthcare (which is terrible and we have lots of bills but at least we have it)
27. my husbands health so that he can go to work every day
28. giveaways for my blog
29. winners for my giveaways
30. and most of all God for all he is!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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