Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have you ever redone a room?

I was thinking the other day on my long ride home about redesigning a room. There's nothing better than decorating...other than redecorating. What did you use as your springboard for design? There are a few things I've been looking at and can't decide which one to go with. I'm thinking of different rooms like the kitchen,  living room and/or a bedroom. Or I could just add one new, nice element to each room. Hmm, something to think about. But here's some of what I am looking at. I love this theater couch. How awesome would that be in the living room to watch dvd's on. Pop the popcorn and let's go to movies...I mean the living room.

In the kitchen I've been thinking about these green leather chairs. This would give a spot of color to my kitchen and I think it would perk me up just seeing these chairs. Color is a great mood changer. Green is also supposed to make you eat less. Hey, great for weight loss too.

For a bedroom or bathroom I've been looking at this white eyelet valance. Ever since I was a child I've loved eyelet curtains or bedspreads. In the bathroom or a little girl's bedroom the eyelet valance would be so sweet. I have a little girl and she's so into purple right now I don't think I could talk her into it. I'll have to put them elsewhere. With the funds I have I'll be saving up for a while til I can afford these items. I'm thankful I found the become website. This site lists a lot of different sites on the net and let's you see what the best prices they have found are. Then you can shop where you feel comfortable. Very cool site!

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