Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Need a new internet marketing strategy? Newspapers and Yellow pages not working for you?

Not getting enough traffic for your business? Using newspapers and yellow pages for ads? Let's step into the 21st century and change our tactics for search engine marketing. Let's start simple. Do you have a website? That is the first thing that every company should do. No longer do people look for businesses in the yellow pages. I go straight to the internet. If I Google your business and can not find you, there is a good chance I will move on to the company in your same genre that has a website.

Then, get your business a Facebook page. This gives you access to your customers who you can give discount codes to and chat with on a daily basis. They want to know the person at the other end of the business. Let them! Another internet marketing strategy to use is bloggers. Bloggers get the word out to the average consumer. If you Google "does the xyz phone work well?", you are going to get an answer in your search results many times from a blogger. This is today's version of the "old days" where one person tells one person, they tell one person, and so on and so on. Before you know it, in one day 150 people have read about you and your business.

The internet is not 9-5. It is open all day and all night. Put that amazing marketing tool to work for you. You think you're a local business. That's ok you can be a local business but why would you want to close the doors to the customers who need what you have in the other 49 states? Here's the kicker, it costs less to advertise and use websites and Facebook than most other advertising you are doing now. Think about it. Search engine marketing covers lots of areas. Make sure you are on the cutting edge in today's world instead of the edge that is getting cut.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for a seo company and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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