Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Identity Theft could be a nightmare for your family.

During this time our country is in a tough recession. It's hard to get a job and stay employed. If your identity was to be stolen and they were to use your credit cards it could cost families lost time and lost money. If you are worried, one way to set your mind at ease is to check your free credit score and make sure all of your credit companies have put down their and your information correctly.

Your credit report is so important. You must make sure you know your numbers so that you are able to purchase a house or even get better insurance rates. If you have good credit then that is great. Keep it up. If your credit is not so good just keep paying your bills and plugging along. Your credit rating will improve as you are able to pay your debts down. Make sure that you check your credit score yearly. Even if you have good credit it's important to know what they are saying about you and that it is correct.

Any misinformation you find you are able to dispute. Just send a letter to the credit companies saying that it's not your bill/account, etc. Obviously only do this if it's true. Your credit report is a good way to know how you are doing financially. So check your score regularly.

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