Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We just moved houses

and it's always amazing at how stuff accumulates so quickly. We moved from one vacation home to another.  We were sure it would take us no time to move from our vacation home. We are hardly there and there's not time for stuff to accumulate. We were so wrong!

While moving we needed broken items hauled off, so, we called Shenandoah Junk removal. We had an old dishwasher that broke and a microwave that no longer worked. Then while moving our television stopped working. We called them and they were able to give us an affordable price on hauling away our junk. We were so thankful to not have to move it with us.

It was so easy to do. We called and scheduled them to come out. They gave us a 2 hour window and were able to give us a call 15 to 30 minutes ahead of time to say they were on their way. They came out and saw what we needed hauled off. They gave us an upfront price and then disposed of it or recycled it if possible. As a responsible person, that makes me feel good that they try to donate or recycle before throwing it out.

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