Friday, December 16, 2011

Naked floors

We put down laminate flooring in our house a few years back. I love it. I can tell that my dust in my home is less and that I keep my floors much cleaner. We decided at one point to put a nice rug in the living room under our couch. This rug was given to us and not a bad rug. However, lately I've been looking at designer rugs.

Instead of the old woven rugs that were in an oval like my grandmother used to have, they now have art inspired rugs, conservative rugs and so many beautiful choices of rugs. It will be hard for me to choose just one to use in my living room.  That means that I need to choose rugs for my 3 bedrooms as well, right? I like the way you think!

The new designer rugs are made in many different fabrics. They come in wool, leather and Hyde, sheepskin and even hemp. They come in different price ranges from bargain to more expensive. You can get them for a variety of rooms. Kids rooms, dining rooms, living rooms and you can even get smaller ones for a bathroom. They even have the hallway runners I remember from playing as a kid in my grandmother's house. I think I may just be in the market for a new hallway rug. Do you have a room in your house you need a rug for? Do you remember those rugs of the 1960's thru 1980's? Good times!

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  1. We're getting laminate flooring in our house in the spring, and I can't wait. I have 3 dogs and 3 kids and I know I'll be able to steam mop the floors knowing they're completely clean for my family all the time. Instead of having dirt deep down in the carpet. I've got a nice area rug I can't wait to see on the laminate flooring but I know I'll have to invest in more. I do remember seeing the older rugs from the 80's. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 3kids & 2 dogs here. I steam mop and have a battery vacuum almost daily and I love it. You will be so glad you did!


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