Friday, December 30, 2011

How shaking your booty leads to a visit to the cosmetic dentist!

We were all young once, right? Don't leave me hanging here. We have all done silly things. The silly things I did as a youngster lead to me needing a cosmetic dentist NYC. I loved swimming. Swimming made my day. I swam as often as I could.

One silly, swimming day, I was getting out of the pool with my friends following behind me. I thought it would be funny to shake my booty on the ladder. I shook my booty so hard that I fell. Yes, that's right. I fell teeth first into the ladder. Teeth shards went flying everywhere. Of course, it was in a pool and I couldn't pick up the shards of my teeth. Sigh.

My grandfather had to come and rescue me. My friends had to watch me being carted off. It was so embarrassing! He rushed me to the cosmetic dentist and they had to file down my teeth. Then another appointment was made for me to have cosmetic dentistry NYC. That appointment took place a few weeks later. They had to put veneers on the front of my two teeth. If you were to look at me now you'd never know that booty shaking lead to broken teeth. Thank goodness for cosmetic dentistry!

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