Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have never been so HOT

in my Zaggora's hotpants! No, really they made me so hot. I received these as a product review and am very impressed. I walk my dog twice a day every day. These pants claim that you will lose inches. I am sure that if you wear them everyday even doing your everyday activities and nothing else you will lose some inches. They are very comfortable and not tight or binding. I know that they are working because when I take them off I am sweating and my skin feels cold after the pants are off. That's just from working around the house. Imagine what it would do for you if you did it daily while you worked out.

Hotpants are just that. They make you look hot and that in turn makes you want to work out. You work out and you lose that weight and those inches. We, as women, don't care how we lose weight we just want the weight gone. Me too! These pants are a great start to a diet and weight loss program. Just be sure to check with your doctor. Next I want to hear how you look in hotpants!

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