Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking at kids toys for Christmas

I'm always looking for quality instead of quantity. I want them to be meaningful toys that they will cherish and I will be able to hand down to my grandkids (someday...not anytime soon!) As I continued looking for the educational toys for kids for Christmas I went to many different toy websites. I found the constructive playthings had many of the items that I had gone looking for.

 I needed art activity sets for my daughter. She loves to paint and use glitter. The easel looks very sturdy and like a great idea for her. She would love any of their art sets and craft activities. I do believe that she could stamp and glue to her hearts content with these sets.

 For my 9 year old son I was looking that the Star Wars lego sets. He can build for hours. It is so amazing to watch. He would also love the microscope and slides and the 3d solar system. He's my science boy, for sure! Using the cp toys will help shape my kids as they grow. It encourages them to look at what they love and explore their interests.

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  1. Lego Star Wars sets are cool. He will enjoy it.


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