Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#Cinchspiration by Shaklee

As a person who's always trying to lose 10 lbs I was thrilled to be given the #Cinchspiration program for a month from Shaklee. The first week I did it I lost 2 lbs. That was a great start for me! In my starter kit I had 2 large containers of shake mix (one vanilla and one chocolate) plus a box of mixes to go (latte, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla). I received 3 boxes of meal replacement bars, 2 boxes of snack bars and some energy tea. It also comes with a food diary guide and a success guide.

The shakes when mixed with a banana, ice, milk and some berries were very yummy. I really did enjoy them. I will be having one today for lunch! The bars were really good also. My favorite was the chocolate chip peanut butter meal bar and the lemon cranberry snack bar. So very good! The meal booster that you take 3x per day seemed to help too. At dinner you eat a sensible low fat dinner that you make.

I enjoyed almost everything about this program. I did however miss food. I do not think this is something I would be able to keep up long term. I definitely can do a month but thinking long term, there's no way that I could make it 3 months to get the weight off that I need lose. However it's a great idea and for someone that just needs to lose a little bit of weight this would definitely work for them. It would also be a great jump start to begin losing weight and getting the momentum going. If you're thinking about a diet this is one to consider. If you start the program, let me know what you think. Here's to a healthier us this year!

Cinch Video for you to learn more!

I was given a one month supply of cinch to try. All views and opinions are my own and were in no way effected by the one month supply.