Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl

Authored by Oswaldo Blackburn

Thank goodness they have Directv in Green Bay because my husband is probably the biggest NFL football fan you have ever met. When we first moved here I was really worried he would have a hard time assimilating with all these Packers fans because he's the biggest Giants fan in the world and they notoriously have a beef. The Giants, as you know, are in the Super Bowl this year and thankfully for me that has meant my husband has been in a really great mood. A lot of his friends are Green Bay fans but they've been really good sports about the fact that his team is going to the big game and I think that has really helped ease his opinion about Packers fans in general. We really like it here and the new house is amazing. So you are going to have to find some way to put aside his hatred for other teams and just embrace the football spirit that they have here.

This is a sponsored post for directtv and I was compensated.