Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is the Valence Bank?

First of all, it's pronounced (V ay lence) Bank. It's a global bank with offices in New York City, Shang Hai and London. They are an independent company that focuses on chemicals but they have a full service banking industry and background. With a focus on chemical mergers and acquisitions they have the customers best interests in mind and experience to make the sales and close the deals.

Valence means the relative capacity of chemical elements to merge, unite, react or interact. Is that not what they do every day in the banking industry? Being a chemical investment bank means they are constantly in charge of merging businesses, uniting customers and clients, reacting to or interacting with their customers. It's just what they do! With their many years in the chemical advisory business they are on top of the trends in this industry.

Their senior investment bankers have a cumulative 150 years of transaction and chemical experience. They are ready to help meet your needs, whatever they may be. With full service banking capabilities they are ready to meet you where you are at. Because they are on 3 different continents they can help you with your acquisitions whether they are big or small. At any size they are ready to meet your needs!

This is a sponsored post for a chemical banking and acquisitons company.