Monday, February 20, 2012

My pool story!

We put a pool in at my house when I was a senior in high school. I so wished I had it earlier. My mom had it installed in November so that it was ready for the next summer. The reasoning behind that is that pools and pool supplies are less expensive when you have it done at an off time of the year. Off season is the best time to buy most things.

That next summer I loved diving into my crystal clear pool when I woke up first thing in the morning. We had a lovely blue tile that went around the pool and reflected on the water. Our pool accessories were purchased at this time as well. We got the sand filter, net, ladders, steps, handrail, chemicals and the vacuum. For my next pool I want the tile again and a vacuum that does it's job without my help! lol I love that the new vacuums will do this now.

We were busy working on our yard this past weekend. Getting our garden ready so that we can till it up. As we were deciding how big our garden then we were discussing whether or not we could put a pool in. When my kids were small and we were looking at houses I never dreamed I'd be wanting a pool. While my kids were little I had fears of them going under in a pool so I wouldn't allow the houses we were looking at to have pools. Now that they are all school age I'm ready for a pool and it's something we are looking into. What about your house? Pool or no pool?

This is a sponsored post for a supplier of pool accessories. All stories and opinions are my own.