Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Natural House Review

As a "greenish" kind of person I was thrilled to review the Natural House line. I received their toilet bowl cleaners, sink disposal cleaner and their trash can cleaner and deodorizer. I love that these products are all natural and that they all work! The toilet bowl cleaner you had to drop in, wait less than a minute and then clean. It smelled fresh and looked very clean. It was easy to clean seeing as the probiotics did their job!

The trash can deodorizer smells like wintergreen. It smells so good! Having a family means we make a lot of trash. A LOT. My trash can needs deodorizing daily. I sprayed this in, let it sit and then cleaned it out. Now that it's clean I can just spray it in between trash pick up. It really does smell fresh.

Last used was the Natural House sinky cleaner/deodorizer for the disposal. It had a really nice orange scent. Orange scent is my favorite. It uses probiotics to clean the drains and get the gunk to go on down the drain and out of the house. Thank you Natural House for making cleaners for my home that I can feel good about!