Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making the best of an antique table

Guest post written by Korin White

I love finding things and refurbishing them to look new and interesting. They make some really awesome weekend projects and pieces of furniture that I treasure that much more than things that I just bought and didn't do anything to to personalize it.
I was online trying to get a few Remodeling ideas for my home. I want to take that DIY aesthetic to the rest of my home, but I'm not a professional remodeler. So, I think that I'm going to hire someone to handle my kitchen. I'm not quite up to that task.
I got the idea that I had a place for the perfect refurbished side table and tracked down some great tutorials on how to fix up some wooden tables. I'm a little less experienced with stuff like that and have barely even sanded wood before. So, I'm definitely having to seek outside help for this before I paint this in the design that I'd like. I'm thinking a chevron design for the table top and have a few different shades in mind for it!

This is a sponsored post for a home improvement company.