Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why bankruptcy will not ruin your credit!

When you file bankruptcy you have that initial relief that your debt is behind you. Then the worry begins that you will not be able to rebuild your credit. Do not worry. Your credit will begin rebuilding as soon as the debt is wiped away.

Why? Because with the debt being gone your income to debt ratio begins to slide back in your favor. With less debt your fico score will slowly begin to start climbing instead of falling. You will actually be in a better "credit" place before you know it. Then the benefits of building a better fico score will allow you the freedom to do what you've wanted to do!

Check with your north carolina bankruptcy attorneys and make sure that they recommend bankruptcy for your situation. With a little hard work and time you can choose to pay off your debts. Bankruptcy isn't always the answer. But if it is the only road for you to take do not despair.  Learn from your current situation and be sure to make different choices the next time you get that chance. Remember there is life after bankruptcy.

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