Friday, February 3, 2012

How to do a body cleanse!

The ancient Egyptians have been doing a body cleanse for thousands of years. It's not a new concept. The reason people do body cleansing is to detoxify their body and rid it of toxins. There are many ways to do this. You can restrict yourself (like a juice cleanse), have a physical cleanse (colon cleanse) or even use herbs and supplements to help your body cleanse itself.

There are a few other ways to detoxify your body and cleanse it.

1. Detox diet. A detox diet is used to rid the body of things that aren't good for it. Getting rid of food items such as flavor enhancers or preservatives. Detox diets should not be done for long periods of time.

2. Heavy metal cleansing is often being done because of fillings in peoples teeth. Prevention is often the key but of course we didn't know that those fillings would hurt us 30 years later.

3. Colon cleanse is done to rid people of their general malaise. The feeling is that there is food stuck somewhere that is causing the problems and cleansing it moves the food along so that you then feel better.

Body cleansing should always be done only after discussing it with your doctor. It's not right for everyone (if you're sick you shouldn't detox for sure without the consent of your doctor) but it's definitely another option to think about to increase your general health.

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