Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#Nutritionpossible? Supplement confusion? & a $25 AmEx Gift Card

Trying to figure out what you need in your diet is a nightmare. There is all these choices of supplements. What's a girl to do when trying to figure out what is lacking in her diet? Look at all the choices!

This is a current picture of all the choices at my local store! How am I supposed to know what I need when I have all these to choose from?

Nutrition Possible is here to help! It's this great tool from the makers of Centrum. You take a quick and easy survey about your eating, sleeping and exercising habits. From your answers, it tells you what supplements you need to help balance you out with your diet. It's specifically for you and your situation. What a great tool. It will help you navigate the confusing world of supplements. I mean, when you go to the store you see all the supplements and have no idea what most of them are for. Look at all those supplements. I have no idea what most of them do.

After looking at the supplement aisle I took the free Nutrition Possible test. This test showed me that I need to take supplements for my lack of dairy (calcium), omega 3 (lack of fish) and a multi vitamin. It was so simple to take the test and find out what my diet is lacking so that I can make sure I get all the supplements my body needs. The test took all the confusion out of the supplement aisle. It told me exactly what I needed so I can purchase them and get my vitamins and minerals.

After the test you get an offer for a $10 off coupon on  a Centrum product. What a great deal! Don't forget you have to take the test to get the coupon. Then it offers you some simple exercises to get your body up and moving. The point is we want a happier, healthier you! Through diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle we are aiming for improving your quality of life.

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