Monday, February 13, 2012

My funny Whitney Houston run in...

Shocked and saddened by Whitney Houston's death made me remember my one run in with her. My hubby trains in Atlanta once or twice a year for his job. When my dh goes the family used to go too. We would play at the park, go to the mall, swim in the hotel pool and just have a good time together.

On this particular day we went to Red Lobster for dinner it was very early for dinner, around 4 pm. So, we pull in the parking lot and there are very few cars there. One car is parked in such a way that it took up 3 spaces. My dh was complaining about the "idiots parking job"...not realizing it was uh Bobby's Rolls. So, we walk in. It was October and very mild. I was in running shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. As we walk in we pass this vision of a 6 ft tall beautiful lady. We recognized her immediately and kind of giggled to ourselves. She was clad head to toe in fur. Fur, in October, in Atlanta...yeah she didn't stand out at all. But she looked beautiful and very, very tall. I'm short so what do I know.

I hope she finds peace now. She was an amazing singer and will be missed.

This song has moved me to tears many times. Here's my favorite song. What's your favorite Whitney moment or song?