Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Learning delayed gratification early will serve them well in life.

Our kids are our world aren't they? My children are spoiled. They are spoiled with love not with things. Although in many eyes they have a lot of stuff. They do not get things when we go to the store. They get them for their birthday or they save up their own money for them. Being broke has its benefits. LOL Your kids do not get most of the things that they want and believe it or not that is a good thing. It's called delayed gratification. You want them to learn it now so that they already have it down when they go off on their own!

We do not give our kids an allowance either. Allowance to me means the kids get money for not working. Um, that's not what the real world does. We, most of the time, can not afford to give them an allowance. They save up their money from birthdays and Christmas to get things they want. We do try to give them money as we can. Like if my teenager wants to go to the movies we try to do that. He's 15 now and knows that he is to get a job as soon as he can so that he can pay for his insurance. We are holding off on him getting his learners permit because of the insurance jump we will experience. Once he does he will be required to work for his insurance. We happen to have an extra vehicle (don't be jealous all 3 of our vehicles are 20, 15 and 10 years old.)

Our children are our world and we love them so much. I have high hopes for all three. My teenager is showing writing potential already. He's writing on fanfiction and getting about 150 views a day. That is amazing! I'm a proud mom trying to guide as best I can and hoping God can help him the rest of the way. Isn't that what we do as parents? Guide as best we can and pray for the rest of the time when we aren't always there.

Happy Parenting! Here's my crazy young kids playing in a fountain. Love them!