Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally Clipix will organize my internet life!

I am constantly losing things I wanted to read/look at/make. Recipes, articles and crafts I will leave open in a tab forever. It never fails a child comes to my computer and closes it out and I'm right back to searching for it again. Clipix makes it easy to keep everything you wanted to look at in one convenient location. I attached a clipx  clip to my blog so that my friends can clip it to come back and read later if they need to!

I love that with clipix I can grab an iPhone app and take it with me where ever I go! My recipes, articles, gift ideas, shopping ideas, vacation ideas, pictures, funny videos, books I want to read and so much  more is always with me! Here's a picture of my Food clipboard. I'm always looking for new recipes.


With Clipix you will be able to share items through Facebook and Twitter. You can choose to share it or not share it with friends and family. How do you work it? You attach a Clipix button to your bookmark bar. Then anytime you find something you want to go back to you clip it with your Clipix button. You can then sort them into boards. I will have a food/recipes board, blog board, business articles board, creative ideas for the home board, crafts for kids and so on. Your only limit is your imagination! I hope you enjoy Clipix as much as I have. So, go on to Clipix.com and sign up right now...before you forget and come back and have to look for this blog post again! Then tell me what your first clipboard will be! 




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