Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My 26 year old house needs a lot of work!

In the last few years we have been working hard on updating my house. I love most everything about it. But updating it sure does make me love it more. This past week we were focusing on the cabinets. After 26 years of being used they had lots of scratches on them. They were driving me crazy. We went to a big name home supply store and looked around. The salesperson made it sound like the only thing we could do was resurface, paint, or replace.

I found it hard to believe that those were our only choices. So, we went to the stain aisle. Found this product: 

My dh gave our cabinets a good cleaning. Then we wiped this product on, rubbed it in, and wiped it off. My cabinets look as good as new. I'm a happy home owner! So relieved to only spend $12 instead of who knows how much to replace those cabinets. Now we are looking at granite for our countertops and getting new sinks and faucets.

Once you've lived in a home for a long time things start to bug you. We've slowly fixed many things. We have put on siding so we don't have to paint. Put down laminate hard wood floors (large dog who would ruin hard wood), painted the entire bottom floor of the house. We are loving our home again. I can't wait to get new countertops and sinks. But that will take a while as we are saving up to pay cash. No credit used here...no sir! Enjoy your home. You will be there for so long and it takes so little to make it more livable for you. Even if you just change the color of the paint in your room you can make your home a space you truly love!