Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Things Parents of Toddlers Should Look for when Buying Real Estate

At different times in our life we look at our homes differently. When I was looking at homes with a toddler I had very specific things I was looking for. Here are the things I wanted.

1. One level homes are a dream when your little ones are beginning to walk. There are no stairs for them to tumble down!

2. Pools and hot tubs are dangerous to little ones. Make sure if you are looking at a home with them that you put safety measures in place so your toddlers do not get hurt. There are ways to fence them in to keep your young ones from harm.

3. Is the yard fenced in? The fence was my best friend when I had little ones. It keeps them in and unwanted animals out. I could let them go out in the yard and watch them from the kitchen as I drank coffee.

4. Kids bedrooms, in my opinion, need to be on the same floor as your bedroom. I was always hypersensitive to having a fire and small children. If you are all on the same floor then you can get them out easier than on separate floors!

5. Carpet or hardwood floors are what most families have now. If you have little ones the carpet is good for them as they practice crawling. However, the hardwood floors are better for the air quality in your home. They keep your home and filters cleaner. So, either one is a win for a home with a toddler.

Our poor St. Louis Real Estate realtor had to show us upward of 30 homes before we bought. Why? Because we bought when I had a toddler at home and I was very picky with the house I bought. Each stage of life brings different reasons for picking homes. Make sure you are picking the right home for you.

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