Monday, January 2, 2012

This year we will put in patio pavers instead of our 20 year old deck.

I have hated our deck since we moved in. It's old, causes splinters and just plain looks to be in bad shape. We thought we might sell our home and our real estate agent kept telling us to keep the deck. A deck raises the value of our house. I don't get it. I want to put in patio pavers instead and have a nice patio.

Patios look so much better to me. They are more permanent and give the home a cozier feeling. We have been looking for a year or so at what we are going to put in. I think we've decided to go with the interlocking pavers. Here's a picture of the paving stone that I have fallen in love with.

I can not wait to tear that deck down and install our new patio. That is going to be our project of the year. Right after I plant my cool weather garden. We will enjoy our new patio year round. The weather here in Tennessee means we have warm days in the winter and cool days sometimes during summer. That deck will be a source of inspiration for me to write and enjoy a nice outdoor space. I can not wait!

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