Monday, January 9, 2012

What does your lawn need?

I don't know! My hubby is a fanatic about our lawn. I look at it and see grass and weeds. He looks at it and sees that there needs to be no weeds and lots of lush grass. I look at it and think why water it because you'll then have to mow it. He looks at it and sees that we need a drip irrigation system.

It's funny how men and women can think so differently. I still don't want to water my lawn because that makes it grow. He thinks we should invest in lawn sprinklers and use more weed-n-feed so we have a beautiful lawn. I have to admit I was intrigued by the fact that with the drip irrigation system it uses a slow steady water release that allows the plant to stay dry to keep out weeds but feeds the root system of the plant. It's a green solution that will help with decreased soil erosion, evaporation and runoff. What's not to love?

This isn't your mama's lawn sprinklers. With properly installed lawn sprinklers you can put them on a timer and send out the proper amount when you want the yard watered. It can also dispense fertilizer in proper amounts at the right time as well. Take care of your yard and you will be able to enjoy it year round!