Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What can you as a driver do to help these truck drivers in their dangerous profession?

Truck drivers work in an industry that is known to be one of the most dangerous professions. A lot of that is the fault of the driver of the car. That little car that thinks nothing of pulling out in front of the semi and then slamming on the brakes. A truck loaded down with merchandise is very hard to stop.

You can remember some rules to keep safe on the road.

1. Do not tail too close to the semi truck. They can't see that you're back there if you are too close. Think about what would happen if they had to slam on their brakes.

2. Stay out of their blind spots when driving beside the truck. If you get beside the truck then make sure you move around to get either in front of or behind them.

3. Do not pull in front of the truck if you see or suspect that you are going to have to slam on your brakes.

4. Give them plenty of room. Room to speed up and room to brake.

Here are the Truck Driver jobs:

1. Reign in your emotions and keep the anger to a minimum. Remember that other drivers are not as aware as you are.

2. Watch for aggressive driving in others and be the bigger person. Do not give in to their aggression. You have a job to do, just focus on that job.

3. Give yourself plenty of space between all vehicles.

4. Keep your truck to the speed limit.

Following these tips can bring all drivers home safely. Let's focus on getting home and letting the truck drivers do their job!

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