Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why big commercial trucks are not out to squish you...

It so feels like it when you are riding between two trucks, doesn't it? It totally makes me feel all claustrophic. Here's the reasons why commercial trucks are not out to get you!

1. Commercial truck drivers are doing a job. They are just as ready as everyone else to clock out and go home. An accident with you is not on their agenda nor do they want one.

2. If they get in an accident with you there is a possibility that they could lose their job. This is how they make their money and losing their job would mean no paycheck. That is not good for their family.

3. Truck drivers are hyper aware. They have more at stake then you do. They want to safely do their job and go home. If you are following a truck too close you need to let off the gas and back up. They can't see you! Be aware of their blind spots too. Truck drivers are aware of these issues and are better drivers because of it.

Let's remember that the road belongs to everyone and we can all safely share it. Truck drivers are pros at their job.

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