Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips to keep you safe when shopping online.

Online shopping makes my life easier.  Even with shipping a lot of times it is cheaper to order an item and have it shipped to my home. Online shopping is my favorite way to purchase Christmas and birthday presents. As a busy mom of 3 it is too hard to comparison shop like I'd like to. So online shopping is what helps me to do my comparison shopping and find that lowest price.

I have a teenager. Teenagers do not want the small, cheap presents like in the past. Their presents cost a lot of money. At least if I do some online shopping I can find a cheaper price than I would at a local store. Another great idea is to have it shipped to your local store. You don't usually pay shipping that way and you save time and money but just walking in and just picking it up.

Here are some great tips for your online shopping.

  1. Make sure that in the URL of the site has the https:// at the beginning so that you know the site is secure. ie: (totally made that up), but you can see that it would be considered a secure site.
  2. You type in the URL yourself. Never go to a site that is linked from another site or email. I've been to one that looked like Facebook except it was spelled Faceboook. If I would have put in my username and password someone else would have had it just like that.
  3. Use your credit card online. Your credit card company is the one that will refund charges if someone takes your number and uses it elsewhere. Your debit card will too but that ties up your bank account and any money that is already in there.
  4. Make sure when you get to that ecommerce cart that you have checked their reviews or at the very least googled them to make sure they are a reputable site. If they've had problems you will find them quickly.
Online shopping is a great way to save money and time. Just make sure you are being safe when you do it.

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