Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mr. Chewy is the place to get your pet supplies!

I had the opportunity to check out Mr. Chewy pet supply store and make a purchase. Mr. Chewy's byline is delivering pet happiness. I can say that he does! I saw so many things I wanted to purchase. Pet treats, cat litter, food, flea treatment are all in one nicely stocked store. I have to admit I was impressed with their website information and their prices. There are good descriptions of their items and lots of items to choose from for a dog or a cat. I have both a cat and 2 dogs that we love on. It would be nice to have that heavy dog food show up on my porch monthly!

I bought a much needed item for my baby, Snowball. Here he is in his jacket chilling on my couch. I bought him Frontline. It's for him and his brother, a big chocolate lab named Snickers. They are going to be flea and tick free for all seasons. Snowball gets lots of baths. But because he's so low to the ground he is always the one that a flea jumps on. It's so frustrating. Product Image

The Mr. Chewy site was easy to navigate and categorized well. I searched for what I wanted and found it almost instantly. I love sites like that. He has 70+ different well known brands for your pets. Their shipping is prompt too. I had a shipping notice the next day and I received my order in just a few days. Mr. Chewy offers free shipping on all orders over $49. That's a great deal! You can also subscribe to have your items delivered monthly if needed. Try Mr. Chewy you will not be sorry you did.

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