Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday is the $50 giveaway day...It's coming soon!

Everyone loves cash, right? How would you like a chance to win $50 EVERY FRIDAY? Well, I am very excited that I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers to offer you a WEEKLY cash giveaway! Cool, yes? 

Well, there is only one catch, the giveaway begins THIS FRIDAY and is ONLY opened from 12:01 am  and will close at 12:01am on Saturday, so it is only OPENED ONE DAY!

This week you have the opportunity to enter in TWO groups of $50 Friday's, Group A and Group B BOTH FOUND HERE on THIS POST- so, if you are VERY Lucky - you could WIN $100!!!  

This week's $50 Friday will be for BLOG Follows... 
Now, this event will take some time, since it takes time to follow each blog. Please do not get frustrated or upset - because Blog Follows are VERY important to not only the BLOG, but for YOU! 
Let me explain why it is important to follow a blog - in order for us Bloggers to apply and receive wonderful products to GIVEAWAY to YOU, we have to prove we have readers. To do this, we have to show our numbers, such as Google Friend Connect (GFC,) RSS/Feedburner, and/or Email Subscribers. When we show that we have readers, we are approved for BIGGER and BETTER AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!!! That is why we all ask you to follow our blogs! NOT only that - we also know that our posts get lost on Facebook and Twitter, so by SUBSCRIBING to our blogs you are guaranteed a personal email to let you know about our wonderful events, such as giveaways, as well as, all the other amazing opportunities we find to SAVE YOU MONEY!!

So, why not take this opportunity for a chance to win not only $50 BUT $100 just by following some awesome blogs? 

BLOGS to Follow:

Group A 
Africa's Blog – via Email – click HERE
Adventures of 8 – via GFC – click HERE
Insights by April – via Email – click HERE
Coupons and Freebies in TX – via GFC – right side of the blog – click HERE
Shore Savings with Patti – via Email – click HERE
My Pet Savings – via Email – click HERE
The Kids are Grown, Now What? – via email – click HERE
Lemonade Mommy – via email – click HERE
Mommies with Cents – via email – click HERE
Mahlzeit – via feedburner – click HERE
Travels – via feedburner – click HERE
Doodles – via feedburner – click HERE
Kat's Café – via email – add your email on the right side of her blog – click HERE
Postcard Perfect – via feedburner – click HERE
Frugal Experiments – via email – click HERE
Techie Kids – via feedburner – click HERE
Thedealmatchmaker – via feedburner – click HERE
Frugal Finder – via email – click HERE
Coupon Scribbles – subscribe – click HERE
Saving With Scissors – via email  - click HERE
My Un-Entitled Life – via Feedburner – click HERE
GoingCrazy!!WannaGo??!! – via email – click HERE
This N That with Olivia – via networked blogs – click HERE
A Little Crunchy – via GFC (right side of the blog) click HERE
Frugal Plus – via feedburner  - click HERE
Frugalicious Marie - via GFC (right side of the blog under followers) click HERE

Group B
About A Mom – via email – click HERE
Adventures of 8 – via email – click HERE
More From Mom – via feedburner – click HERE
Vienna and Beyond – via feedburner – click HERE
Planet Weidknecht – via feedburner – click HERE
Sonya's Happenings... – via email – click HERE
Utah Coupon deals – via email – top right corner of the blog – click HERE
Sweeping The USA – via email, click HERE
Been There Done That with Kat – via GFC – left side of the blog – click HERE
Mark Your Savings  - via feedburner – click HERE
Teach Me 2 Save – via email, click HERE
Naddez's Tidbyts  - via GFC, right side of the blog – click HERE
Life's Cheap Thrills – via email – click HERE
Gypsy Mama Logs  - via email – click HERE
Gone Klippin' Krazy – via feedburner – click HERE
Style 'n Decor Deals! – via GFC on the right side of the blog – click HERE
Koupon Krazed – via feedburner – click HERE
Mom Does Reviews – via email – click HERE
My Crafty Life -  via feedburner – click HERE
The Blog Café – via GFC, left side of the blog – click HERE
BeachMonkeys – via GFC on the left of the blog – Click HERE
Practical Savings – subscribe – Click HERE
Upcycled Scrapboking - click HERE
Daily Mom Deal – Sign up – click HERE
Have Fun Savings – via Feedburner – click HERE
Smart Spending Spot – Subscribe - click HERE

This week's $50 Friday's is a Blog  follow and remember, in order to win, you have to follow all participating blogs ABOVE. This will take a little bit of time, so I suggest starting NOW, so you are ready on Friday!!! 

    This is how you can be sure you have the chance to enter this week and each consecutive week–
    1. Sign up for my daily emails – by clicking here… this will ensure that you will get an email letting you know that the giveaway is up.
    2. Like” me on Facebook – by clicking here... this event will be tweeted, posted on my Blog, and on my Facebook Page… (But remember, with all of Facebooks new changes, to ensure you don’t miss it, I would still recommend signing up for my daily emails.)
    3. Follow me on Twitter – click here to get my tweets
    4. Mark your calendar – to come back here EVERY Friday to enter!