Thursday, January 19, 2012

Online marketing isn't like the Mad Men mentality of the old days.

The Way to a Marketer's Heart now  is through...
the internet!!

Marketing in this day and age is completely different from the Mad Men world of 50 years ago. We don't sit in smoke filled offices planning campaigns and paying people big money to write them. We do it ourselves. Internet marketing is not as difficult as it might appear. As a small business there is so much that you can do to market yourself.

To do online marketing effectively you must:

Build a business facebook page so that you can connect with your fans. You can interact with them, take polls on how your business is doing and even see in which direction the customer thinks the business should go. It's a great way to offer coupons and discounts so that you get repeat business. One store in my town offers a facebook discount and I go there repeatedly because of it.

Tweet! I know, you think it's crazy. There are millions of people on twitter. If you're not using them then you are missing out on that advertising revenue. It's so simple to set up a twitter account and schedule some tweets throughout the day so that you are target marketing your audience. Do It!

Put bloggers to work! If you have friends who blog you can give them $20 and they can blog about you. Most bloggers I know have a reach of about 344000 people. How long would it take you to reach that many people? Bloggers are a very under utilized market that are just waiting to be put to work. Use them and you are on the cutting edge of marketing.

Marketing has changed. Isn't it time you change with it?

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