Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to write your resume to get hired!

When I first wrote my resume, on a typewriter so many years ago, I did use resume templates and lots of flowery words. There are so many places to get help online for free when you are preparing your resume. Make sure you take advantage of each one. They want you to get a job so that you can then tell others how that site helped you! What do new job searchers need to do?

1. Highlight your volunteering. If you don't volunteer then begin now so it can go on your resume. If you volunteer teaching children at church and love it then let them know. Employers want to know that they are hiring someone who cares for others and volunteering shows them that.

2. Show off your skills. If you are great at putting together pieces and parts to make your car run, etc. Make sure you highlight that. Employers want to know that you have skills other than what you are hired to do. It makes you valuable if they know they can count on you to do other things.

3. Highlight your education. If you have a great college degree you obtained by going to school at night and keeping kids at your home during the day, let them know. That takes some serious time management skills. You have successfully worked full time and obtained a degree and that is amazing.

4. Let them know your hobbies. In this recession it is important for the employers to know everything you can do. It may be that one thing that makes you the stand out above all others. Say you can fix lawn mowers, or mow yards or even landscape yards. The employer may need that done and can get two for one when they hire you.

These seem like simple things to do. But they are invaluable to a prospective employer. Highlight everything that you do and do well. You will get that job!

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