Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheap and Easy Ways to Organize your Bills

There are so many cheap and easy ways to organize your bills. You do not need some elaborate system that costs you $9.95 per month. You really just need a spiral notebook, some envelopes, a calendar, writing utensils and your online bank account. Here's what you can do.

1. Use a calendar to write in the dates all your bills are due each month and the amount due. I, also, use a spiral notebook and note every single bill and the date due so that I have it all and can take it all in one glance.

2. When your bills come in each month put them in a folder inside your spiral notebook after you've noted it in your notebook and on your calendar. They even make spiral notebooks with folders built in. Even better!

3. If you can, pay the bill as soon as it comes in. This way you are guaranteed to not have a late charge and you have the knowledge of knowing you have already taken care of it. That gives you peace of mind.

4. Pay your bills online if you can. There are many online banks that will let you pay your bills online for free. They also keep up with bills as they come in (if you've set it up). This causes you to use less paper and keeps it all organized on your computer. It's a tremendous time saver because you can look it up online.

Staying on top of your bills allows you to have freedom from worry. Organize your bills so that you stay in financial shape. A good billing system will help keep you organized. Set your system up for winning the finance game and not for failure. A simple system will make your life so much easier and take the worry out of it.

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