Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I remember the smell of handmade shoes in the cobbler's shop in my town.

Yes, that was a very long time ago. Did you have to remind me how old I am?  The cobbler's shop has been closed forever. I pass by the building that it was housed in almost every day. He repaired shoes as well. I remember going in there and seeing all the shoes and smelling the leather. This was at a time when shoes weren't disposable. They were to be repaired and worn for years.

Handmade shoes are made so much better than their disposable counterparts. I can only imagine that shoes made for you, and only you, would be better for your foot and the foot structure. If it's made to conform to only your foot then I would think that plantar fascitis and other foot ailments caused by wearing the wrong shoes would ease up and dissipate. I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV though.

Handmade shoes are beautiful to look at. They are a work of art. Have a look at this picture of one pair.

They are gorgeous. Imagine how they would feel on your aching feet. Then go find someone to make you a pair of  handmade shoes. Your feet will thank you.

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