Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 Ways to Motivate Employees and Increase Moral

When you work in human resources you are constantly trying to improve employee engagement. Here are some great ways to improve employee engagement and increase their moral!

1. Say please, thank you and my pleasure. It's the little things that can boost moral. If you are asked to do something and you're response is "My Pleasure" you are going to be remembered by the higher ups. It starts with the bosses saying it first. Be enthusiastic and use's catching.

2. Focus on making your employee happy! If you have happy employees you have motivated employees. The happy employees want to go to work and love it when they do. The stodgy offices of yesteryear are gone. Let's make work fun and get things done! Music, a gym, bring your dog to work day are all examples of ways you can be making them happy.

3. Profit Sharing is a powerful motivational tool. When the employees have a stake in the company they are more likely to do their best. After all, it's their company!

4. Do fun volunteer work together. If you have downtime try to find volunteer work in the field you are in for the employees to do together. They feel better about themselves and love that they are helping others as well. What a great team building experience.

5. Give your employees a 15 minute huddle in the morning. Gather around the water cooler and talk about the day you had yesterday. Employees love it if they feel that you care what happens to them.

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